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Contracts and agreements

It is important to bear in mind that contracts and agreements are not concluded “for good times”, because as long as the parties’ cooperation is successful, they could even not exist at all. However, a contract or agreement is intended to safeguard the client’s interest in the event of misunderstandings, and its prior thorough review by a lawyer will help avoid unpleasant consequences in the future. Remember that using the Wiza Law Firm’s services at the conclusion stage is an investment, not a cost, because it is at that time that the terms of the contract or agreement can be negotiated; later, after the conclusion, the only thing left to do is to minimise the negative effects of its signing.

We deal with the drawing up and analysis of contracts and agreements such as, for example:

Distribution contract

Delivery agreement

Purchase agreement

Tenancy agreement

Lease agreement

Contract for specific work

Contract of mandate and Services agreement

Managerial contract

Employment contract

Agency contract

Agreement on non-competition

Confidentiality and invention agreement for employees

Regulations and other provisions necessary for the daily operation of an enterprise

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