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Foundations and associations

Legal problems faced by foundations and associations in their day-to-day operations are often much more complex than those of entrepreneurs, since foundations and associations by definition are not established with a view to carrying out economic activity, however the need to carry out economic activity, at least at a minimum level, usually occurs along with their development. Statutory objectives of these entities, while assuming the attainment of a specific goal or the provision of financial support, also involve their activity in the business sector. We help foundations and associations navigate through the maze of legal provisions, thereby enabling them to focus on their statutory activities while maintaining financial liquidity.

Preparation of documents necessary for registration of associations and foundations in the register of enterprises of the National Court Register

Representation in proceedings aimed at entering associations and foundations into the register of enterprises of the National Court Register

Drawing up documents necessary to amend the bylaws

Legal advice on the day-to-day operation of associations, foundations and their bodies

Legal advice on conducting economic activity by foundations and associations

Preparation and support of Annual and Extraordinary General Meetings of the association, including drawing up documentation necessary for their proper conduct, such as: minutes of the Annual General Meeting, minutes of the Extraordinary General Meeting

Representation of associations, members of associations, foundations and their bodies in court and out of court disputes

Dissolution of an association

Liquidation of a foundation

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