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WIZA LAW FIRM is a law firm specialised in providing legal service to the companies and  entrepreneurs. Since the beginning of its existence, it has been supporting entrepreneurs and companies from Portugal, both those planning to operate and invest in Poland and the ones already actively present on the Polish market. The knowledge of the Portuguese language, culture and legal institutions help us adapt to your expectations and effectively support you in running and developing your business in Poland.  On the other hand, the stable cooperation with the Portuguese legal partners enables us to provide legal service to entrepreneurs and companies from Poland operating or planning to operate their business in Portugal. The founder of our law firm,  advocate Oliwia Wiza-Carvalho speaks fluent Portuguese and has had a professional experience working in Porto, Portugal. The aim of our law firm is to provide legal and cultural support in such a way that existing legal, cultural and language differences do not constitute a barrier to our Clients’ activities!

The Wiza Law Firm provides legal advice on the territory of Portugal, in particular on matters such as:

Acquisition of a real estate property

Establishment of branches of companies or partnerships

Cross border contracts

Setting up companies or partnerships

Recovery of monetary and non-monetary receivables

Golden Visa in Portugal

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