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Collection of debt

We provide comprehensive legal services to both creditors and debtors, claiming payment of receivables both in Poland and abroad. We assist in the effective recovery of both monetary and non-monetary receivables, as well as plan and implement effective measures to mitigate the risk of asset loss in the event of any failed business decisions.

We represent our clients both at the pre-litigation stage, i.e. by negotiating or sending payment requests to debtors, and at the litigation and enforcement phase by drawing up non-payment suits, objections against payment orders, filing motions for initiating enforcement proceedings to court enforcement officers or appealing against enforcement proceedings, in particular in cases concerning the following:

Enforcing a promissory note

Recourse claims

Payment against the members of the management board of a limited liability company

Recognition of a debtor’s disposal of assets as ineffective (the so-called Actio Pauliana)

The European Order for Payment Procedure

The European Small Claims Procedure

The European Account Preservation Orders

Even if you are just at the stage of concluding a contract, contact us, we will ensure the security of the transaction and protect your interests accordingly, so that you can avoid any possible legal proceedings in the future!

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If your cases do not fall into any of the above categories, write to us – we like challenges!

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