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International affairs

International professional and scientific experience of the founder of the Wiza Law Firm, advocate Oliwia Wiza, consisting, inter alia, in working at law firms in Hungary and Portugal, specialising in legal representation of entrepreneurs and immigration law, as well as fluency in three foreign languages: English, Portuguese and German, makes it possible for us to provide effective legal advice in various international transactions. The Wiza Law Firm’s close cooperation with a team of Portuguese advocates also enables us to offer legal support to those interested in establishing business relationships on the Portuguese market, or investing in Portugal, such as buying a real property by the Atlantic Ocean.

Cases most frequently run in the field of cross border law include:

Preparing, expressing an opinion on and negotiating a contract or agreement with a foreign partner

Handling a legal dispute involving a foreign entity

Recovery of debts from foreign counterparties

Securing the possibility of asserting claims against foreign entities

Obtaining the European Account Preservation Order

Drawing up an agreement securing the possibility of conducting proceedings before a Polish court

Claiming payment of receivables from foreign entities

Claims in the European Small Claims Procedure

Claims in the European Order for Payment Procedure

Representation in legal proceedings involving a foreign entity

Ensuring that a ruling issued can be enforced abroad

Obtaining a certificate permitting enforcement abroad

Determining which court is competent to hear a case

Drawing up a jurisdiction agreement

Drawing up an agreement on the determination of the applicable law

Drawing up a contract or an agreement with a foreign counterparty

Determining which law is applicable to hear a case

Investing in a real property in Portugal

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